The pursuit of success as a part of a busy, contemporary existence is how we seek our daily sense of accomplishment, but there can be a pretty negative associated impact of achieving our goals upon our working environment. As papers, writing utensils and other miscellaneous items accumulate, we can find ourselves suffering from increased stress levels and a clouded mentality - even without directly realizing that our working area is to blame.

Once the environment has been identified as the culprit, all that remains is to implement a few, effective changes to alleviate these negative effects. The merits of organizing your office space might even surprise you, with a dramatic improvement in productivity and a more positive state of mind among the many advantages of this subtle lifestyle change. Take a look at our 7 tips for organizing your office space, and embrace your refreshed working dynamic.

  1. Dispose of all unnecessary items

Take a look at all that is present within your office, and discard (shred and recycle) all that you no longer need. This will greatly reduce the quantity of loose sheets and papers, and all that you then need to do is to file the remaining papers into their appropriate destinations.

  1. Ergonomic positioning

While there is a great range of items that come in handy in an office environment, the things that we use regularly will actually be fairly select and few. Make these the only things that you keep permanently on your desk, and allocate them their fixed spots for a sense of established tidiness.

  1. Create a work-in-progress zone

Given that every unresolved matter will naturally require the on-going presence of papers pertaining to the project, it is wise to arrange these as methodically as possible. By keeping them to one specific area, you will allow yourself to increase your efficiency and make it easier to stay on track with which tasks have been completed.

  1. Reconsider your filing system

An accumulation of loose papers frequently comes as a result of an inefficient filing system (especially as our lives go on and our careers develop to include different areas and concerns). Make sure that you have all the files that you need in order to go about your life in a thorough and systematic way, allowing you to reach all that you require with minimal effort.

  1. Designate shelves & folders

Establish a methodical system for storing unread articles, magazines or papers, by allocating a specific shelf or folder for matters of intrigue that you can go back to and explore at a later date.

  1. A touch of nature

While this doesn’t directly consist of organizing a mess, getting a small desktop plant can be a great way to introduce a fresh feel to the area, and to motivate you to keep the area clean and tidy in future. The presence of greenery in an office environment is also known for its positive mental effects, breaking up the sterile working atmosphere.

  1. Storage

There will be certain items that you don’t have an immediate use for, but still want to keep in case of the uncertain event of perhaps requiring them in the future. These can all be sorted into a storage solution to be stowed out of sight, simultaneously resolving the problem of uncategorized loose sheets and freeing up space.

A disorganized office space might be having a greater impact on your mentality than you realize, and a thorough organization of your working area can be the crucial remedy. Allow to shoulder some of the burden of your tidying with their range of contemporary office storage solutions, and discover the joys of a refreshed working environment today. Free shipping now at








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