As we shake off winter’s final cobwebs and greet the first glorious rays of sunshine, it is common practice to seek to refresh our homes and lifestyles with a spring clean. So classic that it is almost clichéd, this process resembles us shaking off the staleness of winter and embracing the promise of a new warmer season. Indeed, the benefits of doing so have been confirmed far and wide, with various sources confirming the many psychological advantages of de-cluttering your living spaces come spring.

However, with a house full of accumulated items and a foggy state of mind from the drab winter months, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Where to focus one’s attentions? How to decide between one item and the next? As much as you might have a vision for your home post-spring clean, it can be difficult to know how to actually achieve this goal. Nevertheless, once armed with a few key strategies, this process need be neither difficult nor laborious – and you might actually find yourself enjoying it! Take a look below at our five top tips on how to make the most of your spring clean this year, and allow yourself to rediscover the joy of your home. 

1. Evaluate & be honest

Considering that the main, essential goal of a spring clean is to make your house a place that feels good and inspires positive feeling, it only makes sense to apply these criteria when it comes to deciding what to keep and what to throw away. Take a look at your items, and consider what they add to your life. If you find yourself at a loss for an answer, perhaps it’s best to cast them aside (preferably by re-gifting, or by giving to charity).

2. Set goals

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of your entire home needing a refresh, break the task down into stages. Work methodically and systematically, taking it by a room or an area at a time. This also allows you to feel very conscious of the satisfaction that comes as a result completing a particular section.

3. Think creative

One of the most rewarding parts of doing a spring clean comes when you discover a new way to use a part of your home, either by thinking of a new way in which you can use the space or by simply moving around existing items in the space. Take a look at an item, and think about all the ways in which you could use it to enhance a space. You could be surprised by the results!

4. The power of music

You might be amazed by the feel-good power that comes with putting on some of your favourite music and throwing yourself into some cleaning and tidying. Embrace the positive feeling of the endorphins and enjoy the motivational force of a steady background beat.

5. Treat yourself

A really great way of rewarding yourself for your hard work can be by treating yourself at the end of the process, which is equally a great opportunity to enjoy your new, refreshed home! Consider adding a small, luxury item such as a new scented candle, or invite some friends over for a dinner party (and soak up the compliments about how nice your house is looking).

The start of the warmer seasons presents a great opportunity for refreshing your home with a spring clean, which can be an immensely rewarding process. Allow to help you along that extra step to tidying up your living spaces with a diverse online catalogue of space storage solutions. Free shipping now at

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