As the sun finally begins to bless us with its rays and we wave a joyful farewell to the drab winter months, it is only natural to find ourselves full of energy and with the wish to celebrate the positive turn towards brighter times. With many of us having spent the winter in a mild form of hibernation, a convivial get-together can be a great way of breaking out of this mode, and embracing the buoyant feel of the warmer months.

No matter what your vision for your springtime event, there is a plan to suit every budget and vision. We’ve assembled our top tips for organizing the perfect event this spring, allowing you and your companions to indulge in a joyful, stress-free occasion.


Think al-fresco dining

With the onset of longer days, make the most of the warmest hours of the day by having an al-fresco lunch or a BBQ in the late afternoon. Even though a couple of warmer layers or blankets might be required as the evening draws in, everyone will be thrilled to embrace the outdoors and get out of their stuffy dining room! A communal meal is also a brilliant way for everyone to bring their own contribution, creating an excellent atmosphere. If you’re concerned about the potential for the early evening air to being a little too crisp, consider adding a heater or a fire pit to your patio, whose use will surely come in handy right into the early autumn.

Indoor / Outdoor

If the weather is still proving fairly unreliable (something for which the springtime is famed), you needn’t sacrifice the creativity of your plans. Make sure that you remain prepared for a sudden turn in the weather by straddling your event between the indoors and the outdoors, with different areas for different parts of the event. Consider positioning your buffet inside and a seating area outside to create a nice sense of free-flow between the two zones, or even consider investing in a good quality gazebo or umbrella to further insure you against the elements!

Add your own personal twist

Make sure that your event is talked about long after the day by adding your own special twists. Consider making a signature cocktail, or decorating an area in an interesting way or in line with a theme. You can transform a seemingly plain-looking concrete backyard into a haven of urban cool by hanging up some fairy lights, dotting around some candles in jars, and maybe even stringing up a sheet of satin as an elegant makeshift canopy. Let your creative juices flow, and you are sure to have many happy guests.

Leave something with your guests

Having some form of a party favour is a great way to ensure that you leave a positive lasting impression. This can take any form, from an example of the key aspect of the food on offer (such as some macaroons) to a small potted plant, to a mini bottle of liquor. This will very much depend upon the demographic of your guests, and the style of your party.

Spring is a brilliant time to get your friends together and celebrate the newfound energy that comes with the onset of the warmer months, so open up your imaginative spirit and let the ideas flow! Move forward with your event plans in confidence that you’re relying upon items of the highest quality with at your side, with an extensive online catalogue of indoor and outdoor furnishing. Free shipping now at


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