With the average person spending more time than ever immersed in the fast-paced worlds of digital technology and contemporary living, it is essential to take time to detox and get back to nature. With the benefits of outdoor living agreed upon far and wide, there remains little question about the fact that there is a crucial link between this approach and human happiness.

While these benefits are both well known-of and uncontested, breaking out of the daily cycle to seek fresh air and daylight can seem like a real, time-costly effort; however, it needn’t feel like such a process. Armed with just a few simple methods, we can quickly  and easily incorporate more of the natural world into our daily lives.

Have fun & stay fit

One of the best ways to convert your daily lifestyle into one with more of a natural focus is by embracing sporting activities that are situated outdoors. Seek out that rusty bike that’s been sitting in your garage (or consider investing in a new one), and get the whole family outside for a wander.  Not only will you get your fill of fresh air and daylight, this type of exercise will also work wonders for your cardiovascular system, and can be great fun! Otherwise, think about how you can move your daily exercise routine to the outdoors. If you usually spend hours inside a stuffy gym, maybe substitute some of this time for a healthy jog outside.

Get away to the countryside

Trick yourself into thinking that you’re on holiday with a weekend trip away camping in a beautiful natural setting, and really permit yourself the ultimate detox from the stresses of modern life. Even if all you can dedicate is one night under the stars, you might be amazed at how refreshed your mind and soul feel after having detached yourself from the daily grind and realigned your instincts with the natural processes around you. Although it’s a bit of a cliché, some of the finest memories are those made while immersed in nature, sitting around a campfire with friends or family.

Indoor activities, outdoors

A great way to get yourself outside is by shifting the focus of your day-to-day activities to the outdoors, even if this means arming yourself with a few warm layers and a couple of blankets in the early spring and late autumn. Try having your meals on your patio, especially on the weekends. Al-fresco dining can also be a brilliant excuse to make an occasion out of a meal by invite some friends over and having a few drinks. Otherwise, if you have a daily yoga or meditation routine, have a go at completing these activities outside – or you could even consider taking up a new outdoor-specific hobby altogether, such as gardening.

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